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Meet my specially curated Bobbinator Pre-Wound DecoBob Thread! Inside the Bobbinator are (4) 135 yd prewound Class 15 bobbins of 80wt cottonized poly DecoBob Wonderful thread. DecoBob thread is ideal for hand and machine piecing for super flat seams, quilting machine embroidery, hidden stitches and my favorite, English Paper Piecing.


The Bobbinator is perfect to take with you when traveling and handy for EPP and hand applique. The Bobbinator includes a reserve compartment to keep 3 additional bobbins in storage, making it easy to store a total of 4 bobbins for handwork. It also quickly turns into a spool to use up unused bobbin thread on your domestic sewing machine. 


Watch the tutorial on how to use the Bobbinator for EPP or as a spool on your sewing machine. Watch the Threadcation Video about DecoBob 80wt thread and why is a game changer for quilters!



Set comes in colors:

-DB-112 Antique White

-DB 113 Dove Grey

-DB 115 Taupe

-DB 410 Peach

Wonderfil Seams Sew Me Curated Bobbinator-80wt poly DecoBob Thread

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