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Quilt Pattern Tester 101 Workshop

A Seams Sew Me online workshop for hobby quilters interested in becoming a quilt pattern tester.

Have you been wondering what is involved with being a Quilt Pattern Tester? Is it the right choice for you? I remember several years ago looking for a class, workshop or course that would explain all of the ins and outs as well as the pros and cons of being a tester but couldn't find one. I found some blog articles but nothing that had everything in it that I know now. I had to wing it and learn what testing was all about by actually doing it.

Then over the past two years as a Quilt Pattern Designer who also uses tester for my patterns, I have had numerous messages and emails from hobby quilters asking me what is involved with pattern testing and how to get started. So, in early 2023 I started building the Quilt Pattern Tester 101 Workshop as a resource to the Quiltiverse! It's now February 2024 and I am ready to launch the workshop, initially to my subscribers and then to the rest of the quilty world. You now have the opportunity to explore if pattern testing aligns with your creative aspirations and goals plus resources that could set you up for success if you chose to travel on this path!

What's in the Quilt Pattern Tester 101 Workshop?

 Image of the Quilt Pattern Tester 101 Workshop Page
Quilt Pattern Tester 101 Workshop by Belle of Seams Sew me

  1. The reasons why I created this workshop.

  2. What is Quilt Pattern Testing?

  3. Why you might or might not want to be a tester?

  4. What may be expected of testers and from designers you work with.

  5. Compensation, the pros and cons.

  6. How to create a tester profile.

  7. Skills often desired in a tester.

  8. What not to do as a tester.

  9. Using social media as a tester.

  10. Other opportunities that can come from being a tester.

  11. Opportunity to join the QPT Hub.

In the Quilt Pattern Tester101workshop, you will experience 7 self-paced modules, each containing lessons, for all of the topics I mentioned. It includes videos of me talking to you about those topics as well as deeper narrative to read. I have also created special downloads as resources throughout the workshop such as a finding your 'why', an editable tester template for taking notes when you test patterns, and a tester checklist.

What is the Quilt Pattern Tester Hub?

The cover of the Quilt Pattern Tester Hub Community Facebook Page
The Quilt Pattern Tester Hub (aka QPT Hub)

It's an exclusive Quilt Pattern Tester Facebook community for those who have taken my Quilt Pattern Tester 101 Workshop where ongoing support, monthly Zoom calls, and a wealth of resources await you. Connect with fellow testers, share experiences, and stay updated on industry opportunities. This is not just a workshop; it's your supportive oasis!

When Can I Sign Up for the Quilt Pattern Tester 101 Workshop?

The Quilt Pattern Tester 101 workshop will initially release to my loyal subscribers at a discounted rate of $29 on February 2nd, 2024. Then it will release to the rest of the Quiltverse on March 1st for $39. You will have one week to enroll before the workshop enrollment closes and reopens a few times each year. Enrollment link from March 1st- 10th:

How Can I Enroll in the Quilt Pattern Tester 101 Workshop?

Join the waitlist to be notified each time the workshop opens during the year. It will also be posted for the Quiltiverse on my website under a special 'Workshop' tab beginning March 1st.

Until next time quilty friends, make lovely things!


Profile picture of Belle Brunner of Seams Sew Me
Belle Brunner of Seams Sew Me


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