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Welcome Quilty Communities!    

  I'm glad you're here.   


Want to Build a Strong Thriving Guild or Quilt Industry Business?

  • Is your guild or business experiencing unhealthy conflict and cliques? Is it inclusive? 

  • Does guild leadership understand non-profit governance, obligations to members, and roles/responsibilities?

  • What is the guild's action plan for growth? 

  • Do guild committees and members get along? What about the staff of your business 

  • Do you or board members struggle with effectively leading others?


Beyond a love for quilting and pattern design, I am extremely passionate about servant leadership, helping guilds and quilt industry businesses thrive by providing them with the tools to do so. 


Lovely communities are made of lovely people. Where there are people there is desire and intent to be more effective, grow, work better with others, be responsible stewards, and to display reason, wisdom, and understanding in the face of unexpected challenge and conflict.


All are difficult to accomplish without the proper tools, strategies, and guidance. Vehemently devoted to the collective shift from “surviving” to thriving; I empower boards and quilt industry business owners – helping them to effectively employ their foundational tools, values, and skills to foster of joy, kindness, and compassion - leading to lovely quilty communities for all.

Allow me to help.

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Let's Build Strong Inclusive Guilds & Businesses  
 (Safely, of course! All facilitated sessions are offered virtually or on-site.)

  • Quilt Guild Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities*

  • Quilt Guild Strategic Planning*

  • Group Dynamics and Managing Conflict

  • Building a Culture of Inclusion (for guilds or quilt industry businesses)

  • Healthy Board Leadership 

  • Discovering and Living into Organizational Values

Classes & Lectures Offered

  • Quilt Journal Cover (4 hrs. in person)

  • Quilt Block Lanyard (3 hrs. in person)

  • Modern Cathedral Window Pillow (3hrs. or 6 hrs. in person)

  • Building Healthy Quilt Guilds (1hr) 

Reach out to learn more! 



Investment varies depending on size of the group, length of training and services provided. Reach out – we’ll discuss your pressing needs relative to budget, and together we’ll develop a unique and manageable training and facilitation plan for your business or guild.


*non- profit rates available

Why Work With Me?


Professionally, I’ve enjoyed more than 26 years of successful and fulfilling experience as an Executive Director running two non-profits; and then facilitating meaningful development training in leadership, interprofessional communication, self-discovery of personality, team dynamics, strategic planning, board roles and responsibilities, and organizational psychological safety within a 16 state region for the last seven years. Merging my passion for quilting and training and facilitation together, I serve quilty communities through compassion, encouragement, and understanding, guiding others’ journey to becoming valuable contributors to their guilds, businesses and communities.

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Professional Credentials

Bachelors in Psychology, Certified InterStrength™ Self-Discovery Practitioner in Interaction Styles, Essential Motivators and Cognitive Dynamics, InterStrength™Mindfully You Coach, Certified MBTI™ Practitioner, Empathic Strain/Compassion Fatigue Educator through the Tend Academy,  Dare to Lead™ Trained and a Resonant Leader Lab graduate through Resonance Rising, Graduate of Quilters Candy Pattern Writing Course, Havels Sewing Brand Ambassador, 2022 Maywood Studio Maker Ambassador and a 2023 American Quilter's Society Instructor Quilt Week in Branson, MO.

Reach out today

Many don’t know where to start. I will be your guide – and I look forward to working with you. Reach out to me today and let’s explore how.