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Season of Change

Seams Sew Me Belle Quilting

It’s fall ya’ll! October is my favorite month so it seemed serendipitous that it would be the month for big changes in my life. It’s the season when leaves are changing colors as the world around us becomes bright with vibrant shades of orange and yellows. The air is full of crispness and the aromas awaken your senses. We often put out our spiced orange and clove potpourri and candles, as well as fall porch decor. We are beginning to pull out quilts to snuggle with on chilly evenings. To me, it’s the perfect time to enter this new chapter in my life.

This is my first blog post and I’m writing it as my website is being developed and almost ready for launch. Tripp, the loyalist of my furbabies, has been a supportive sidekick throughout, as you can see while I’m writing this post. Apparently it’s customary to have three articles ready when you launch a new web page. Who knew! Oh the things I’m learning on this new adventure.

This month is a bit of a whirlwind. I am wrapping up a job of seven years with a non-profit as a regional trainer to start my own part time professional development training and consulting business. I'm in the Quilters Candy Quilt Patterns and Membership quilt pattern writing course, working on content for TWO websites, prepping for a photoshoot and I’m about to release my first pattern! It’s a Quilt Journal Cover pattern that is so fun and seems like the right place to start for my first pattern release. Do you have a lot of scraps and mini charm packs? Then you will love this quick make! You can download it for free on the home page.

As I reflect on the past year and a half of my quilting journey, I have an appreciative heart. First, I’m grateful that there even exists the beautiful art of quilt making. It has brought me and loved ones joy and comfort during a terribly stressful time in the world. There are many fellow quilt makers and business owners who have helped me get to this point through their advice, podcasts, sharing of resources, encouragement and quilty inspiration. What a supportive and helpful quilt community we belong to! If you have been following me on Instagram since I began this quilt journey in the summer of 2020, thank you for your engagement, help, loyalty and connection. If you are new to my site and blog, welcome. I hope you take away a little something that inspires you or makes you say “that Seams Sew Me”!

I have a few quilt patterns in the works and can’t wait to make them and then release them into the world. Until then, I hope you will enjoy my first three blog posts. October is bright and full of possibilities, big or small, for all of us.

Keep making lovely things,


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1 Comment

Belle, I just stumbled on your pattern. I am an insurance adjuster by day, have a pet/horse photography business too, and quilt/embroider during what little free time I have. Like you, I have fur children who are very supportive, until Mommy doesn't pay attention to them!

I went on a trip to Yellowstone last summer, and have been wondering what to do with a couple piece of fabric I ordered after getting back. This looks like an easy but pretty pattern.

I also belong to my church's prayer shawl ministry where some of us sew/quilt too. I think these journal covers/bible covers would be cool things to offer when we do our next sale at our church.

Thank you again,…

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